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How to order a bouquet of flowers, bouquet of chocolates, gifts delivery


You can order by phone: +38 (056) 716 91 16 38 (096) 479 22 77 from 7:00 to 22:00 hours on any day of the week, or keep order on the website (free) - we will call you back! Also at your disposal ICQ: 89263646 or e-mail:


Filling the basket

To buy products you are interested in, put them in a basket. You can do this by pressing the button "Add to cart" next to the item. See you ordered goods or delete them from the Recycle Bin You can always at the top of the screen in the header of our website. Once all your goods are placed in a basket, click "Checkout".


Window "Delivery"

Fill in all required items in the "Delivery", or choose from existing options, if you are already a member. If you are not registered yet, you have the opportunity to do so immediately by writing your email address or place an order without registering. Do not forget about the "Phone", so that we can contact you.


Window "Payment methods"

Select one of the possible methods of payment and follow the instructions.


"Confirmation of an order"

Check the order again. If you are satisfied - press the "Confirm Order".


Call operators

Soon after order confirmation, our operators will contact you to confirm receipt of the order and, if necessary, to discuss the details.


Enjoy your shopping!

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